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1975 : Was Born in Porto-Novo (Benin).

GPS : 6° 29' 49.999" N 2° 36' 18" E

1980 : Discovered France.

1981 : Birth of his darling sister.

1982 : Forges his character and personality for 10 years.

1995 : Got The National Baccalaureate Degree (Visual Arts).

1998 : Disappearance of his older brother.

2001 : DNAT degree (National Diploma of Arts and Techniques)

of product design with jury's honours.

2002 : Internship in lighting design with Benoit Vieubled.

Internship for 9 months at Christian Ghion's Design Studio.

Assist Abdi in mounting the exhibition "Label Ecole".

2003 : DNSEP degree (Superior National Degree of Visual Arts)

with jury's honours.​

Internship at "Carrafont" Studio (Luxury Prototypist).

Freelance at "Partisan du Sens"

(Graphic design, Packaging and Flaconing).

First personal design exhibition at "Concept Meuble". (Orléans).​

Assist Christophe Filloux ( Design Furniture Photographer).

Assist Christian Ghion for "Tentations

(TarkettSommer's exhibition) and for "Design Lab".

Meet Laurent Destrée (
14 Septembre Agency)

and Romain Luret (Gallerie Sentou).

2004 : Exhibited "Gnomon" (Light fixtures) at "Design Lab-Recherches

(International Furniture Exhibition Fair of Paris).


Assisted Christian Ghion and Valerie Sandoz (Comité COLBERT)

in launching "LAFAYETTE-MAISON".


Exhibited at "The International Design Biennale of Saint-Etienne.


Got awarded the first individual price at the "LEPINE CONTEST"

of Mont en Touraine.


Worked as freelancer at Christian Ghion's Design Studio.

2005 : Exhibited "Bibiche" (design table) in partnership with

"Dacryl" and "Les Fonderies ARDI" at "Design Lab-Recherches"

(International Furniture Exhibition Fair of Paris).

Assited Christian Ghion for the Chantal Thomass's Shop.

Worked as freelancer for HL-Display (Merchandising Equipments).         

2006 : Exhibited "Cellul'Ose" (Table) at "Design Lab-Recherches

(International Furniture Exhibition Fair of Paris).


Worked as freelancer at Christian Ghion's Design Studio.


Worked as freelancer for "RC Concept"

(Design and Merchandising for Sephora).​

2007 :  Worked with LN Boul in designing "Suspended Time" (sushi rail).


Exhibited food pictures at CDM (Centre Design Marseille).

2008 : Moved to Orléans and has his chair "Dali" edited by the "Art' Mely"


Designed furnitures for the company Art' Mely.


Exhibited "dali" (chair) at CDM (Centre design Marseille) -

Exhibition "Orgeuil et colère".

2009 : Designed the new furniture collection for Art' Mely.

2010 : Designed "Jumbo" (indoor and Outdoor stool and planter)

for Art 'Mely.

2011 :  Integrates the Imaging department.

2013 : Designed the stool "Stanley".

2014 : Design "Fjord"

(Chair and Armchair) for "Art' Mely".

2015 : Moved to London and worked at Amazon.UK Fashion Studio.

2017 : Back in France.

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